• We formulate digital chemistry

    Digital marketing is like a scientific equation, and we are your chemists. Ignition Holdings is more than just another digital marketing agency, we’re marketing specialists with a proven formula and a reputation for innovative ideas.

  • Not 'another agency'

    Many digital agencies offer blanket solutions and far too many services. They spread themselves too thin and lose the strength of their message. At Ignition Holdings, our unique digital marketing strategies set us apart and give our clients the best, most valuable service available.

  • Always responsive

    We use a variety of complex digital marketing strategies to ensure you always reach your target audience. We’re capable of offering solutions for all platforms and devices - so no matter who your target market is, we can help you reach them.

  • Engage your customers

    Creating engaging experiences means seeing the world through the eyes of your customers. We analyse their behaviour, listen to what they're saying, understand what they’re thinking and then create engaging experiences that inspire them to connect with your business.

  • Support you can trust

    We're an agency that takes pride in creating success stories and we’ve built a reputation for offering well informed, precise marketing advice. Using our cutting-edge tools and ideas, we make sure your digital marketing strategy is everything you need it to be.

  • 43% of your website visitors converted with version ---A---
    17% of your website visitors converted with version ---B---

    Analyse, optimise and revise

    We understand just how quickly the digital marketing world evolves and we consistently adapt our strategies to reflect the ever changing needs of our clients. We're constantly testing our own innovative strategies to ensure we can improve your business and keep you ahead of the pack.

  • Proven solutions for some amazing clients

    Our hard work and strategic thinking have earned us the trust of some big names. At Ignition Holdings we put our reputation before money, and quality before quantity. We don’t believe in appealing to mass markets and instead, prefer to work closely with a select number of specialised clients.