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Strutt & Parker’s team of diligent and trustworthy professionals has worked to create and maintain a business that strives to provide innovative real estate solutions to its clients at a local, national and international level. Our network of 55 offices is home to some of the industry’s most dedicated advisers, who provide an exceptional level of service across the property spectrum. The world of real estate is constantly evolving and Strutt & Parker has ensured that it has a forward-thinking team which both understands and meets the challenges of this changing world, whilst finding the opOyster Marine was founded in 1973 and has established itself as an international market leader of world-class cruising yachts. With their distinctive Deck Saloon design, Oyster yachts are recognised throughout the sailing world for quality, comfort and performance. These days around half of our new construction is for existing owners. This loyalty sends a strong message to new customers thinking of joining what we like to refer to as ‘the Oyster family’. Today’s Oysters are very different to the yachts we built 40 years ago, but our core values of strength, seaworthiness and a multitude of practical, seaman like features remain, testament to the experience we have gained from sailing hundreds of thousands of miles in Oyster yachts. Our regattas and events, organised exclusively for our owners and their families, are increasingly popular, whilst our customer service and support is recognised as being amongst the best in our industry.  In every corner of the sailing world, whatever the age or size of their Oyster, our owners can look to us for service and support, help and advice.

The Challenge

Oyster Yachts were already a successful yacht builder with many accolades as testimony but in a very competitive online sector, the business’ website was poorly positioned and struggling to gain visibility on search engines. We were commissioned to optimise Oyster Marine’s organic rankings, achieve ambitious company growth targets and increase brand awareness through a strategic online marketing campaign. Because its main keywords offered a high number of search results, Oyster Marine needed a well-crafted campaign that improved organic rankings and delivered high visibility in a very specialised field. The solution built had to be scalable in order to quickly grow with their growing marketing success. The client also wished to deploy a social media strategy with a limited budget in a manner that would be most in keeping with their brand and at the same time supportive of their SEO goals. With a comparatively small budget and a degree of internal skepticism about the ability of social media to impact on these objectives, we set out to make a statement!

The Strategy

Oyster Yachts wanted to realise a higher return on investment. They didn’t just want new visitors to to their website, they needed to feel confident that visitors who wanted to ultimately purchase our products could find and engage with them easily. We began this project with a clear goal – this website must help to achieve their ambitious growth targets. To achieve the growth figures they were aiming for we developed an integrated online marketing strategy with a focus on high quality traffic, new traffic streams, higher ROI’s and increased interaction/engagement (business enquiries) from both new and existing visitors.

SEO: Our work began with a thorough audit of the client’s website and we discovered areas that could be improved upon and identified opportunities for the client to stand out from competitors. The audit also revealed that by optimising their on-page SEO, Oyster Marine could very quickly significantly improve rankings not only for industry keywords, but also for yacht specific keywords. As a result of the audit, we also discovered that the news section of the website was underutilised, therefore the strategy was modified to include adding keyword-targeted content to the news section of the website. Our team worked closely with Oyster Marine’s web developers to ensure that the site was SEO friendly including page titles, alt texts and canonical tagging. As part of their SEO strategy we developed compelling and informative content to be shared, this has improved the brand awareness as well as driving natural high quality backlinks. The strategy also involved the execution of a variety of link building methods with highly credible and relevant internet sites, designed to increase the site’s link popularity, which is a key variable Google uses to decide where sites should rank. We also approached influential journalists to develop relationships and acted as intermediaries between them and Oyster Yachts. This helped ensure Oyster were included in articles and conversations relevant to its products. This was undertaken on a broad scale and generated hundreds of high quality links to the site from those sites identified by us as carrying the most power within the context of Google’s ranking algorithms.

Social: Social media would help Oyster build brand loyalty, whilst enabling the company to initiate and form powerful customer relationships. Also, because Google includes social sharing amongst its ranking factors, creating a lively social platform would help give Oyster Yacht’s website position a welcome shot in the arm. Social media is still very much growing in this industry. This is a very untapped traffic channel in this niche. After discovering that their Facebook and Twitter accounts were almost inactive, we knew that relaunching them would play a key role in reigniting consumer love for the brand. Our goal was to get the tone and balance right – we were dealing with a heritage brand over 40 years old that needed a fresh new look for the future. Integrating older audiences with a new one was key. Our strategy for building engagement and awareness across multiple social media channels has involved a process of community management, social advertising, influencer engagement (and outreach), engagement activities (e.g. competitions) and detailed measurement. Using data mining and social media monitoring techniques, plus a range of sophisticated tools – including Brandwatch – we produced a significant amount of data relating to the company’s products and services. Using a combination of branded content, targeted advertising on Facebook and Twitter to speed up the process of growth and maximise engagement, combined with attentive community management – always consistent with Oyster’s tone of voice – we have created a highly engaged community across our target channels.

The Results

SEO: In a short period of time, Oyster Marine experienced dramatic improvement in many key areas, and regular postings to the news section improved their ranking and visibility for many big industry keywords. During this time, the website gained the highest search engine visibility of all competing Yacht Builders for the target search terms. Prior to our commissioning, Oyster Marine averaged 2nd page rankings, but in just a few months after we began working with the company, it ranked on the 1st page of organic search engine results for many big industry keywords. Compared to the prior year, the traffic received from the new targeted keywords allowed their organic traffic to grow by an impressive 720%. Leads rose from an average of 3-5 web-driven inquires per month to 14-20 web-driven inquiries per week. The campaign provides an excellent example of how sales can be significantly boosted using an SEO campaign that is diligently delivered with a focus on achieving tangible return on investment.

Social: During the initial six months of this contract we have delivered exceptional results, including increasing the Twitter following from 1,300 to over 6,500 with an exceptional average engagement rate of over 8%. We also relaunched Oyster Yachts on Facebook, growing the following from 400 to 5200 fans with a consistently high engagement rate. Through both channels, we have successfully driven hundreds of thousands of impressions and thousands of engagements each month – contributing to social media being a great asset in increasing brand awareness and helping to boost new sales. The site continues to grow steadily with social media channels providing an increasing flow of leads/new clients.