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Signature Car Hire prides itself in being the leading prestige and performance self-drive hire car company in the industry. Established to appeal to individuals looking for a specific car hire service we are proud to offer only the latest and most sought after supercars in the world. Signature differs from many car hire companies in that we own all of our vehicles. This means we have full control over the cars specification and maintenance protecting our own assets and offering. We also know the full history of each vehicle and our expert team are able to advise on every feature in order that you maximise usage and enjoyment of your car. Our clients are individuals, and so are our cars. Signature’s luxury car hire fleet consists of vehicles to suit every occasion and situation. Each car selected for the fleet is individually unique, ensuring clients have access to a variety of choice under each marque, allowing them to feel safe in the knowledge they won’t find a comparable car and service on the market for self-drive hire. Lots of clients know exactly what they want, however for those who are confused by all the choices and need guidance, we are happy to help and recommend a car based upon specific requirements.

The Challenge

As part of a wider and long-term digital marketing strategy, we were challenged with developing and deploying creative ways to engage the Signature Car Hire target audience, increase brand awareness and drive high quality online referrals. Any idea would also need to have plenty of longevity, being a catalyst for ongoing content marketing ideas and concepts. The company had established a strong reputation offline and had always relied on their website to showcase their services rather than actively attract new clients. Signature Car Hire soon realised that their competitors had a strong presence online and were taking a valuable market share away from them – they then approached us to help them get ahead. We partnered with Signature Car Hire to deliver an integrated digital marketing strategy with a focus to increase organic, quality visitors for the long-term but especially, to drive online booking enquiries by optimising the whole user-experience.

The Strategy

Firstly, we needed to work with Signature Car Hire to identify the data behind their business. What type of people were currently hiring luxury vehicles? Which vehicles were key drivers of revenue to the business? Which ones needed immediate bookings? Acting as an arm of their digital marketing department, we used this data to support the creation of regional search term lists for SEO and PPC. We created a complete marketing strategy including SEO, PPC and conversion rate optimisation, all focused on increasing the visibility of the site through online searches with the overall aim being to position the company as a market leader whilst delivering a stream of new customers.

SEO: Once we had identified who we were targeting, we set out to determine the types of keywords that their potential customers were using to find luxury cars to hire. Furthermore, we decided to not only target local or regional web-users but to also promote the company for national keywords in order to expand their marketing reach to a countrywide audience. We then devised a strategy to position the client at the top of Google for a wide selection of the most valuable, highly searched keywords within their sector. We audited their website to ensure it complied with Google’s best practice policies and made sure the right pages were targeting the correct keywords and phrases. We built new website sections for new keyword opportunities, developed an ongoing blogging strategy to earn powerful links to their domain and made sure we stayed one step ahead of the competition by implementing our own SEO recommendations on the site.

PPC: To supplement this SEO work, we ran a PPC campaign to get Signature Car Hire in front of people who were looking to hire luxury cars. First, we built their PPC account to mirror their website, building a presence every time a customer searched for their vehicles. Then we improved tracking and introduced AdWords goals so all website actions towards a sale could be measured. This helped us identify successful search terms. Grouping these queries according to vehicle model and user intent, we then portioned out the budget according to the return each group gave, safeguarding budget. We also noticed sharp variances in engagement throughout the day, so implemented an ad schedule to spend only when customers were actively searching for our products. We served remarketing ads to people who had previously visited the Signature Car Hire website and had shown an interest in their services.

CRO: We performed a user experience and conversion optimisation review of the website, which incorporated both a quantitative and qualitative analysis of their techniques and the techniques adopted by their competitors. We proposed improvements to site functionality, content, information architecture and web page elements. In order to understand the typical Signature Car Hire customer journey to conversion, we performed a review of the web analytics set-up, creating bespoke customer goals, identifying funnel leak points and measuring the impact of specific pages and individual page elements, including forms and contact points. Using this insight, we supported Signature Car Hire in the design and build of specific areas of the website that would drive growth in conversions. We were able to supply Signature Car Hire with a comprehensive and detailed set of prioritised recommendations in order to improve conversion rate and user experience.

The Results

CRO: Signature Car Hire launched a new version of their website and implemented many of our conversion optimisation recommendations. Even in the early stages of the campaign, we hit some considerable milestone; driving outstanding levels of traffic and engagement. Within six months, we had achieved number one positions for over 70% of our targeted keywords – this helped to increase brand awareness of the company and position them as the market leader as they had desired. For its two primary conversions points, arrange a call back and quote requests, our recommendations helped to increase the conversion rate by 25% and 40% respectively.

PPC: The work on the AdWords account led to a 263% increase in visits to the website. The increase in qualified traffic to the business in turn led to a stunning 4016% increase in customer conversions (filling out of online forms, quote requests and vehicle reservations), bringing the average cost-per-lead down by over 83%. As a result, the significant increase in their digital return gave Signature Car Hire the confidence to invest an increased 300% into their PPC budget allowing them to drive traffic from other paid marketing channels.

SEO: Signature Car Hire now consistently ranks on page one of Google for the vast majority of their targeted key terms. Revenue as a direct result of SEO work has risen by 1230% and visits have increased by over 480%. Having initially focused on driving traffic from their local area, Signature Car Hire are now seeing an improved conversion rate from visitors nationwide. Signature Car Hire now have a more prominent position within the marketplace and are found for more key search terms and phrases. We continue to work closely with Signature Car Hire and offer best practice consultancy advice on conversion optimisation and SEO.