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Strutt & Parker’s team of diligent and trustworthy professionals has worked to create and maintain a business that strives to provide innovative real estate solutions to its clients at a local, national and international level. Our network of 55 offices is home to some of the industry’s most dedicated advisers, who provide an exceptional level of service across the property spectrum. The world of real estate is constantly evolving and Strutt & Parker has ensured that it has a forward-thinking team which both understands and meets the challenges of this changing world, whilst finding the opportunities that change can bring. Strutt & Parker’s success is in part a result of the legacy created by Edward Strutt and Charles Parker, school friends that founded the business over 130 years go. They instilled a sense of collaboration and dedication that is still integral to the way the partnership works today. It has fostered a commitment to ensuring we are at the forefront of the market with unparalleled levels of expertise present in all of our teams. Whether you require residential, commercial or rural advice Strutt & Parker is ideally placed to assist you in achieving your property goals.

The Challenge

We were approached by the company with the task of enhancing their overall web visibility, and improving their website rankings on search engines. Their main goal was to be on the first page of Google for search phrases considered to be key to their business, and to have their website become a strong and successful source of viable leads. Imperative to meeting Strutt and Parker’s commercial goals was to achieve an increase in the amount of organic search traffic being driven to their website. This would be done by ensuring they were noticeably visible in a prominent position within Google’s search rankings. Strutt & Parker were also interested in running optimised tactical PPC campaigns to increase online brand awareness after previously running a poorly optimised PPC campaign previously. The key objective of the campaign was to rapidly increase exposure for the Strutt & Parker brand whilst still delivering a great Return on Investment.

The Strategy

We started by immersing ourselves with the Strutt & Parker brand to build a complete picture of their client base. We carried out a detailed analysis to allow us to identify revenue gaps where Strutt & Parker did not feature prominently in natural search listings and identified new revenue opportunities from our own search term research and trend analysis. We carried out an analysis of Strutt & Parker’s website and backlinks, their social media activity and content strategy as well as offline and online PR activity as well as analysing their competitors. We then consulted with management to identify commercial goals, and how these worked alongside and manifested themselves through the various onsite goals. Using this insight, we developed a multipronged approach that offered the greatest revenue potential through improved search visibility.

SEO: We began the project by completing an extensive SEO audit of the website, in addition to its off-site link profile. The audit helped pinpoint the front and backend site changes we’d need to make. And with search engines increasingly using link popularity as a gauge to determine site relevance, link building was also identified as a key part of the solution. Our approach focused on improving the structure and content of the site, as well as building its credibility. We made specific refinements to the code, provided expertly written SEO copy and enhanced the delivery of new pages to improve the site’s functionality. This allowed search engines to easily access, index and gather data from all Strutt & Parker’s pages. Having realised link building was key to our approach, we decided the most effective way of boosting Strutt & Parker’s rankings was implementing an accelerated online PR programme. This involved identifying credible, relevant sites that could potentially link to the Strutt & Parker website. We then built relationships with the editors and journalists working on these sites, acting as intermediaries between these contacts and our client. This meant we were able to make sure Strutt & Parker was included in articles, features and conversations relevant to jobs, recruitment and careers across hundreds of important and credible websites. After each key area had been found and dealt with, our tailored optimisation and link building campaign launched Strutt & Parker to the top of Google’s search results.

PPC: We undertook a comprehensive audit of Strutt & Parker’s existing campaign together with an in-depth analysis of the sector’s consumer search behaviour. Our initial analysis in revealed that the site was only visible to 4.84% of searches across its key categories thus showing that Strutt & Parker’s campaign was merely scratching the surface of the opportunity available. We provided insight into how it should be intelligently expanded in terms of target keywords, ad text and landing pages. We undertook a campaign restructure, ensuring that the campaigns included all aspects of the website’s content. We also rectified the inconsistencies in the original structure where many keywords were placed in irrelevant clustered groups and themes. We took into account relevancy, landing page content and rather than pushing general search terms, which drive very low returns on investment we created product-specific ad copy, including keywords and terms which were more appealing and relevant to the user demographic. High-spending terms were isolated into their own campaigns to help manage levels of spend by keeping a tight control on visitor volumes and ROI levels.

The Results

SEO: Strutt & Parker saw impressive results right from the start of our engagement. The website now gets between 25,000 – 40,000 hits per month (depending on time of year) and has a healthy bounce rate of just 29%. The return on investment from the search engine optimisation campaign shows Strutt & Parker in excess of twelve-times the outlaid monthly spend and has continued to improve over time. With over 120 top-page positions on Google.co.uk for both generic and brand-related keywords, Strutt & Parker continues to grow its monthly online spend with us and has established itself as a major player within its sector online. Our campaigns for the website have now reached the stage of maturity, and SEO delivers approximately 40% of all new business leads to Strutt and Parker, whilst having successfully increased website traffic by over 190%.

PPC: Our PPC strategy successfully targeted Strutt &Parker’s niche market to extract as much search traffic as possible. The company has maintained the top positions within paid listings, across all the search engines for priority keywords. The new PPC approach is considerably more cost efficient and has resulted in extremely impressive levels of return for the company. Within the first month, sales leads had already climbed. This encouraging upward trend remains steady and the campaign shows no signs of being impacted by seasonal factors. An overall revenue increase of 12% thanks to PPC. Strutt & Parker had tasked us with increasing ROI from 200% to 500%. By month seven of the campaign we had exceeded this target by hitting the 867% mark.

Through our diligent work and guidance, Strutt & Parker has now achieved its goal of greater visibility and status within the marketplace.